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Providing a home away from home for kids with cancer

I’m participating in Talk Like a Pirate Day to help raise funds for Childhood Cancer Support. Talk Like a Pirate Day raises funds to provide free accommodation and support services to regional childhood cancer families while receiving treatment away from home.

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Brave Brax

Sunday 12th Jun

On the 9th of August 2021 we were sent to Sunshine Coast University Hospital by our Doctor as Brax wasn’t walking due to a sore leg and x-rays were not showing anything. After ultrasounds and bloods later that evening Brax was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

The next morning, we were in an ambulance headed for Brisbane to Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Brax underwent Lumbar puncture and Bone Marrow Aspirate and was then diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia B Cell (ALL).

We were told we had to stay in Brisbane for his treatment and that is when Childhood Cancer Support (CCS) took away so much stress putting us up in South Brisbane for the six weeks we had to stay down there. David and Taj moved in while Brax and I were still admitted in hospital and when we did come out it wasn’t for long and Brax was back in suffering fluid from the steroids.

When this all happens, I think you just float, you just do what must be done and there is no time to think. Having huge supports like Childhood Cancer Support (CCS) takes away the stress and pressure that families don’t need on top of their shock diagnosis. Not only did they provide somewhere to stay, but items also to get you by and they provide someone to talk to.

On Friday the 17th of September 2021 (Taj’s Birthday) we were told Brax could go back home to the Sunshine Coast and do some treatment locally and visit Brisbane for some. To go home after the six-week stay was so exciting. We appreciated all CCS had done for us and we had made beautiful friends going through similar situations there too.

We still have regular treatment in Brisbane and CCS puts us up in their short stay accommodation and the staff are wonderful.

Participating in “Talk Like a Pirate Day” means a lot to us because the money raised will help Childhood Cancer Support help other families just as they do for us.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Miss Niethe

So proud of you Brax, you got this!


Amy Hambly

Keep up the good work Brax! Always thinking of you


David Aurisch


Bel And Shane

All the best Kristy xx I am Ash's mum...Tiarna is absolutely amazing. I hope all goes well, I truly wish...I could do more ❤❤


Myrna Proetti

Brax lots of hugs and kisses. Myrna. xx



Such a brave young man stay strong Brax we all think you are amazing big hugs Kristy.xx



Well done Brax for staying brave and strong through this tough time... 💪


Jaye Yatim

Sending you all positive and healing vibes


Krystyn Rhodes

Brave little man 💪xx


Lyndall Shoobridge


Amanda B




Jodie Lucas

You guys are amazing x