Stand with Alice

Alice was just 3 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer. After 2 years of aggressive treatment, Alice ended up losing her eye.

Living in Calliope, Alice and her family had to leave their home behind with a moment’s notice to stay in Brisbane for long-term treatment at the Queensland’s Childrens Hospital.

Childhood Cancer Support’s free long-term accommodation and support services meant that Alice and her family could stay together during her treatment alleviating the added financial and emotional stresses of having to pay for dual housing, and a separated family.  

A parent’s worst nightmare

Hundreds of families must travel to major cities for lifesaving and long-term treatment each year. No family should have to worry about housing, finances, jobs, and transport during what is the most emotionally and physically difficult time of their lives.


By taking part in Talk Like A Pirate Day, you’re helping Childhood Cancer Support build more homes for families like Alice’s, and ensuring that every regional family receives the support they need.