Hoist the flag, talk like a pirate, and help little scallywags!
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On Tuesday 19th September, take up this arghh-mazing challenge and talk like a pirate for the entire day.

Brush up on your pirate lingo and show off your skills in meetings and around the lunch table. Be careful not to let your piratey lingo waver, as there may be a penalty! 

Get involved this Talk Like a Pirate Day and help raise funds for Childhood Cancer Support and the regional families needing a home away from home. 

Signing up is free and every dollar you raise will go towards regional families who need to relocate to Brisbane for paediatric oncology treatment. 

How to get your workplace Talking Like a Pirate:

1. Register yourself for Talk Like a Pirate Day. You can join solo or get your colleagues to join your crew.

2. Spread the word. Let everyone know you are taking part in Talk Like a Pirate Day and the important cause you are supporting.

3. Get those fundraising dollars rolling in and see your treasure chest of donations grow. 

4. Brush up on your Pirate lingo and get ready to talk like a pirate on Tuesday 19th September.

How will your workplace make a big impact?

Talk Like a Pirate Day is not only a great fundraiser and a fun day to shake up your normal meetings, but also an important day to raise funds and awareness for Childhood Cancer Support. 

The money you raise will go towards building our new accommodation village in East Brisbane. This will house another 15 family units, that are so desperately needed. These are situated right near the Children’s hospital to ease the burden of transport and help when urgent medical treatments are needed.