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Providing a home away from home for kids with cancer

I’m participating in Talk Like a Pirate Day to help raise funds for Childhood Cancer Support. Talk Like a Pirate Day raises funds to provide free accommodation and support services to regional childhood cancer families while receiving treatment away from home.

Please donate now to help me reach my fundraising goal.

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Give a little, help a lot

Tuesday 31st May
Cancer sucks. Cancer causes upheaval to families everywhere but not everyone is close enough to the medical facilities to to treat cancer. Regional families get stuck in trying to decide whether they can be with their child without an income or a place to live or to stay home while their child goes through hell as they face their battle. CCS provide support to families so they don't need to face this choice but can be by their child's side every step if the way. Even a small donation to CCS can have a huge impact on families in need. Alice's battle would have been myxh different without the support of CCS. Give a little, help a lot.